Robbie was born in an army hospital in Augsburg, West Germany in the middle of the Cold War. His father was an intelligence officer, the true warriors in the day-to-day battles of the conflict. Moving between Germany and the metro DC area fairly regularly in his childhood gave him a very broad cultural awareness. Sensitive since a young age, his interest in the paranormal was never stymied, in fact, it was subtly encouraged. Two of the earliest books he received from his grandparents were “The Return of the Greyman and Georgetown Ghosts” and “This Haunted Land: Where Ghosts Still Roam.” At the tender age of 7, he was introduced to the fascinating world of martial arts. It was at that point he was first trained in meditation and the concept of chi. He has tried to be diligent with the practices over the years.

An epiphany occurred on a family trip to Stonehenge, the energy was almost overwhelming to him yet no one else noticed. He realized he perceived the world quite differently. This perception coupled with the screaming throngs of humanity guided his career choice. Robbie chose a life in entertainment. Starting as a stagehand in Munich and doing a tour of Europe, he moved on to working shows in Gainesville, Florida. Starting first on the university crew, culminating in being the assistant technical director for the University Performing Arts Series. At the same time he was setting up and running light shows through out the south. He also threw in a couple of Rock and Roll tours for good measure. Then came the theme park years, Universal Studios and CityWalk.

Working in the entertainment business is conducive to metaphysical studies. First, theaters are rife with ghostly inhabitants. If you add to that, the freedom allowed by the community to be yourself, you have an environment where people are willing to search and explore the fringes of thought and society. More importantly you have an open community, willing and not embarrassed to share their experiences. Robbie thrived here.

While he was growing up Robbie always wanted to live in a haunted house. He finally got his wish, tenfold. He also found out that there can be much more to hauntings; things that go bump in the night sometimes can hurt you. Experiences with very negative entities set Robbie on the shamanic path.

When a student is ready the teacher will appear. Robbie’s fortuitous meeting with Tai Chi and Reiki master William Smith truly opened his eyes to the flow and use of chi in everyday life. It was through Bill that Robbie met his current Spiritual teacher, guide and friend, John P. Milton. John helped hone Robbie’s belief in the commonality of all the spiritual traditions of the earth.

Robbie’s interests range from Bon Buddhism to cryptozoology. He considers his avocation to be an Arcaneologist; he lives to study the esoteric, mysterious, secret and obscure.

He now lives in Washoe Valley, NV, with his glorious wife Leigh and menagerie.