Night Fright Show / Brent Holland

welcome to Demon Street USA! Robbie Lunt may inadvertently found a gate way and portal to Hell. Residents are unable to get restful sleep at night, furniture flies around the room, windows and doors open and close by themselves and there is a sickly suffocating smell, that can only be described as rotting flesh. Robbie takes us through his true account one which his very life was threatened “extraterrestrials”‘ “Area 51” “true stories” “real story” “Don Schmitt” “The MUTUAL UFO NETWORK” “MUFON” “Military sightings” “Alien Abduction” “Alien bodies” “Wright Patterson” “Stan Friedman” “Bob Lazar” “Blue room” “Curtis lemay”

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This week Kim and her Yeti are talking with David Rountree and Robbie Lunt, authors of DEMON STREET USA. Taken from Amazon: A summoning gone awry leads to problems for Penelope, who is driven from her home by phantom parties, a dancing stove, and a wave of demonic force that tosses her around like a ragdoll. Looking for help, she turns to her friend Robbie, who brings her to David Rountree, a Lakota shaman. Robbie and David embark on a whirlwind journey of learning, racing against time, visiting sites of spiritual power, and acquiring artifacts and allies in their quest to exorcise the evil before it can seriously injure someone–or worse. David and Robbie’s mission to banish the demon culminates in an astonishing psychic battle on Halloween night. Demon Street, USA is a forewarning to those who would explore the paranormal. Evil exists–but it can be battled and won! Tune in and find out the story with in the story!

Royce Holleman

About the guests

David Rountree, AES ,

has been researching the paranormal since 1976. The Executive Director of SPIRIT LAB, a scientific research organization, he is a fixture in the paranormal world as an authority on the technology of ghost hunting. The author of Paranormal Technology, he is also a Lakota shaman who practices wolf medicine. Robbie Lunt, CEE, CTS