“Powerful, riveting account of a spine-chilling true haunting. A must read for those interested in the supernatural!”
—Jane Doherty, author of Awakening the Mystic Gift“David Rountree is the most single-mindedly incorruptible paranormal researcher in the field today. [He] lays bare the dark side of paranormal pursuits and his deep interest in the otherworldly phenomena he now chases and captures (having once been chased by the same forces he now contains).”
—Dr. Stephen Rorke, EVP expert, Professor of Physics, Wilmington University

A summoning gone awry leads to problems for Penelope, who is driven from her home by phantom parties, a dancing stove, and a wave of demonic force that tosses her around like a ragdoll.

Looking for help, she turns to her friend Robbie, who brings her to David Rountree, a Lakota shaman.

Robbie and David embark on a whirlwind journey of learning, racing against time, visiting sites of spiritual power, and acquiring artifacts and allies in their quest to exorcise the evil before it can seriously injure someone—or worse.

David and Robbie’s mission to banish the demon culminates in an astonishing psychic battle on Halloween night. Demon Street, USA is a forewarning to those who would explore the paranormal. Evil exists—but it can be battled and won!

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